With regular mail, you don't have to worry about spam filters and junk mail folders.

You can have the complete mailing services your business needs with us. Our experienced and knowledgeable team is ready to handle all of your direct mailings needs to keep your business out front and apart from the crowd.

Our full service mailing company and data center will keep your business organized. Our business will become an extension of yours and handle the finer details of your outreach and direct-mail marketing needs and allow you to focus on maximizing your profits.

Our Services Include:

  • Automatic insertion and addressing
  • Collating and folding
  • Fulfillment and kitting
  • Digital printing
  • Storage facilities
  • Personalized letters and envelopes
  • Mailing list maintenance and procurement

Everything You Need

Look no further than Turner Marketing for all of your mailing needs. Our services include automatic addressing and database management to keep everything on time and completed with the highest quality standards.

You'll always get the best work possible when you turn to us for all of your business' direct mailing and mailing list maintenance requirements.

Direct Mail Marketing

Using mailing services is an ideal solution for a successful marketing campaign. Automatic mailing machines at Turner Marketing allow you to be able to print and mail your marketing materials such as postcards or folded brochures, in a cost and time effective manner. We have created a simplified and comprehensive program that helps you print and mail your marketing and advertising material as a single order without having to pay for each process separately.

Using state-of-the-art software, we print the material with the graphics and messages that you choose. The design and layout of the material is entirely up to you, as are the messages that you include.

We import your address list into our computer system and print the addresses and customized messages on each individual mailing piece.

We will deliver the completed and sorted order to USPS. Finally, we will send you a transparent report in regards to this process.

Mailing Campaigns

A successful mailing campaign starts with a purposeful and targeted design and messages. Whether it is greeting cards, flyers, brochures or postcards, make sure that you have the correct messages such as a headline, company logo, contact information, primary message and other elements of the mailing piece in place. You can always contact us to get free professional consulting in regards to your mailing design and specifications.

 After you are finished with the design, it's then time to get your list together. This list could be an existing client list, family member list, new prospects list or a list of random individuals depending on the purpose of the campaign.

Contact Turner Marketing and we will handle the entire process of quality customized printing, addressing and fulfillment, and mailing your campaign with faster delivery service with the best possible rates available.

Today, mailing lists can be acquired from various list providers. At Turner Marketing, we help our clients to maximize the effectiveness of their mailing by finding the best lists that suits each of their individual campaign.

Direct mail campaign created for your niche

We have experience with every type of industry that uses direct mail to promote their business as well as stay in touch with customers. We can create a direct mail campaign custom tailored to your specific niche.