Specialized Digital Printing

Turner Marketing offers digital printing to all of our clients. Digital printing is the most modern method used for producing products for professional and personal uses. The main difference between traditional offsets printing and digital printing is that in digital printing, there is no actual printing plate used and ink is transferred to the surface of substrate through a complex magnetization process of image areas performed by computer software.  

Digital printing is usually done by laser or inkjet printers and enables images to be printed on varieties of substrates from canvas to plastic, metallic surfaces and paper. By eliminating printing plates, process is faster, cheaper and more environmentally-friendly than offset printing. There are several advantages of digital printing methods, such as:

1) There is no minimum order quantity so clients can benefit from ordering only enough printing for their specific needs. No more paying for product that won't get used just to meet a minimum order.

2) On demand printing dramatically reduces lead times. This allows us to turnaround orders within hours rather than days with traditional methods. 

3) Variable Data Printing is another popular method in digital printing, which allows for further customization of images and content to suit individual target audience, further increasing the effectiveness of marketing and advertising campaigns.

Print with Us:

  • Marketing materials
  • Advertising trade shows, direct mail advertising campaigns and retail sales
  • Desktop publishing
  • Variable data printing that allows you to personalize large volumes of materials

At Your Convenience

You can get the printing services you need when you need them most. Our shop offers four colors on-demand printing for all of your last minute printing needs. You can count on Turner Marketing Inc. when you need your printing done fast!

Environmentally Friendly

One of the best benefits of digital printing is that it is environmentally friendly, more so than other methods of printing. Turner Marketing Inc. uses digital printing to reduce the amount of materials and wastage with completing your order